Are you trying to find the perfect company to provide flatbed towing services in the Bronx? Lil Pete’s towing is definitely the best company around providing this service and many others including 24 hour emergency service, roadside assistance, lockout service, and much more.

At this time, many companies, car owners, dealerships, and anyone else may have a need to take advantage of long-distance flatbed towing.

In some instances, it’s quite possible that you will find yourself in a difficult situation and you’ll need to take advantage of roadside emergency flatbed towing. You could be far away from home and need a flatbed tow truck in order to get you and your car back home.

In other situations, it’s certainly possible that you plan to move to another state and need somebody to tow your car to your new home. A flatbed tow truck is definitely the right type of truck to get the job done. While you drive the moving truck, we’ll have no problem getting your car to your new home in perfect condition at the appointed time.

When It Makes the Most Sense to Get a Heavy Duty Flatbed Tow Truck in the Bronx

At times, light-duty trucks are going to be the right fit for situations where the tow is for shorter distances and we only have to tow motorcycles and compact cars. On the other hand, heavier vehicles will require heavy-duty flatbed tow trucks for vehicles like minivans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and more.

Plus, if your towing needs require long-distance towing, a flatbed heavy-duty tow truck is definitely the way to go for a situation where we will be towing your vehicle long distances. And that’s not all since many people require us to tow even larger vehicles like buses, semi-trucks, campers, large boats, and RVs as well as important construction equipment. In these situations, large flatbed tow trucks of a heavy-duty variety are definitely the way to go.


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